ncmpy is a curses-based MPD client written in Python.


  • Playback control.

  • Queue control.

  • Song rating.

  • Database control.

  • Auto lyrics fetching and saving.

  • Lyrics highlighting.

  • Artist-Album view.

  • Search by tags.

  • Output control.


help.jpg queue.jpg database.jpg lyrics.jpg artist-album.jpg search.jpg info.jpg output.jpg



  • Arch Linux:

    yaourt -S ncmpy


If you want OSD, try osdlyrics.

To get a list of high-rating music, try (assuming the path name doesn’t contain the symbol |):

sqlite3 ./sticker.sql 'select * from sticker where value >= 4;' | cut -d '|' -f 2 > ./list

As soon as you have the file list, you can do more things like putting those songs in a separate folder (Here I use tar to keep folder structure):

tar -cvf - -T list | tar -C <dst-folder> --strip-components=<strip-depth> -xvf -

where strip-depth depends on the database path.